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What certifications does Content Science Academy offer?

We have certifications in content analysis and strategy, content design / UX writing, content marketing, content engineering, social media, content leadership, and content operations.

Additionally, we offer a certification in ContentWRX, our content effectiveness software and a workshop focused on the book The Content Advantage.

Who has completed training and certifications from Content Science Academy?

A wide range of people, from individuals making a career change (such as from kindergarten teacher to content marketer) to professionals with well-known companies like AT&T, FedEx, and ServiceNow looking to modernize skills. Professionals with start ups or growing companies like Sharecare also have completed CSA training successfully.

How many online courses are required for a certification?

Each certification requires completion of 5-6 courses.

How much does each certification cost?

Each certification, which includes the package of courses, costs $1,149.

After I enroll, how soon can I start the certification?

Right away. You will receive an email with details for accessing the certification courses.

How long does completing a certification usually take?

Usually 30-40 hours.

What happens after I complete a certification?

You will get a certificate through Teachable.

Do you offer additional discounts for nonprofits or for groups?

Yes. Contact us for a custom discount code at

Can I still access the material after completing the certification?

Contact us to request a download of the material after completion.

It’s been a year since I earned my certification. How do I renew?

You’ll receive a reminder before expiration, with a 20% discount for renewing.

I completed my certification and am interested in taking another. Is a discount available?

Contact us to arrange a 20% discount.

I didn’t quite finish my course before the expiration date. Can I get an extension?

Please message us to request an extension.

I work for a tax exempt entity. Can I get a refund for tax charged for online certifications?

Yes, you can receive a refund for the sales tax by submitting a request to customer support in Content Science Academy, which is supported by Teachable for hosting and processing payments. The refund request should include a copy of the purchase receipt showing the sales tax paid and Order ID, as well as a copy of the state sales tax exemption certificate. Once we review and approve the documentation, we will issue the refund. Usually the process takes about 7 days.

If I have a question while completing a certification, how can I contact you?

Get in touch via our contact form or simply book a feedback session from within the course platform.

I registered for a webinar but couldn't attend live. Can I access a recording?

All recordings are available as part of the premium content available with a subscription to Content Science Review. Some recordings are available for free from our webinars page.

What is your code of conduct?

When you register or your employer registers you for one of our events, you agree to respect the attendees and speakers, be considerate of your employer or client confidentiality, and credit Content Science / the speaker when you use information, templates, or other resources provided.

What is Content Science Academy?

The world’s only academy dedicated to excellent + effective content, with more than 100 alumni to date. On-demand certifications and courses, live webinars, live workshops, and custom training are available for individuals, teams, and enterprises.

How can I learn more about Content Science?

Content Science is an end-to-end content company that turns your content insights into impact. Our other products include Content Science Review and ContentWRX, and solutions include content strategy (CS Brain), content production (CS Forge), and content analysis (CS Lab).

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